Julius Caesar was knifed 23 times by members of his senate. It was a carefully planned mutiny and execution, orchestrated to prevent history from appointing any single senator as a scapegoat or martyr to his murder.

But the act itself must have been brutal and emotionally charged… a vicious and dramatic action committed by otherwise mild-mannered thinking men. In a blindly link-less homage to that thought I decided to make Caesars Last Supper film with many of my own slashing edits and cuts; for a fast paced, high octane and (if possible in film about a plate of dinner), emotional journey.

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  1. These films are incredible, so luscious and rich, and with an element of “how did he do that” that makes them extraordinary.

    However, I take very mild exception with your statement that the tyrannicides were “mild-mannered thinking men”. Roman senators were given military training as leaders of men from an early age, and both Brutus and Cassius had been in combat multiple times–Cassius was especially skilled at naval warfare.

    Beyond that, however, politics in Late Republican Rome was a brutal, full contact sport. The possibility of being exiled, assassinated or just beat up by a mob in streets, was always in the back of one’s mind, and tended to encourage a degree of aggressiveness.

    Thanks again for making these wonderful videos. I’ve watched all of them several times, and am delighted anew each time.

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